sábado, 17 de outubro de 2009

Planning new projects

Hey you,

Long time past and now I'm come back to write again.

A brief, I have been living in Dublin, Ireland since March of this year. Firstly I came to here to study this fucking English (I hate study languages. In class of languages the students looks like a children or a idiot, and more, it is so bored. However this is very important when you want travel around the world).

So, after learn this fucking English, I'm going to travel here in Europe. However I came up a conclusion, I won't visit the most famous cities in Europe, like the most people that living here. Sometimes fly to another country and come back. I prefer travel and travel and see beautiful paisages and not just oldest cities.

Well, soon as possible I post the plan. Maybe travel by motorcicle or by bus and trem.